Glacial Lakes Dock- Voyager, Beach King, & Yetti Fish House Dealer

"Lakeshore Product Specialists"

Custom Work

As a full service dock and lift company, Glacial Lakes Dock also does light fabrication and welding. This gives us the ability to get you exactly what you want and need!

Examples of our custom work include:

  • Kayak Racks
  • Paddle Board Racks
  • Custom Bumpers
  • Custom Staircases
  • Custom Railings
  • Custom brackets for connecting different docks
  • Custom Rafts
  • Dock & Lift Anchoring Systems
  • More!

Glacial Lakes Dock also works with large accounts to provide infrastructure for commercial marinas and associations. We have the experience to work with customers and manufacturers to help design, sell, and install docks of any size. Our current customer base includes marina systems ranging from 10 to 80 slips.

Be confident we can handle your project, big or small!

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